If you’re an active coin master game player, then you are familiar with its many challenges. Amongst Coin Master many challenges are your Viking city external attack challenge. Here, you are always constantly under possible attack threats by other coin masters. In fact, your city is prone to external attack every second that passes. That means that the attack can come from anywhere without your prior knowledge.

In a world of such danger uncertainties, how does one protect himself and ensures that his community is safe? Well, the answer to that question is then focal point of today’s article. With that said and out of the way, keep reading to discover ways you and your community can stay safe.

Coin Master Shield: Introduction

With the danger of external attacks from other Coin Master comes a possible solution. The solution is nothing complex or complicated. Surprisingly, the solution is ridiculously easy to implement. It is only unfortunate that most Coin Master players tend to ignore the solution.

The solution is all about activating the protective Shield!

That’s it guys. Simple and straight forward.

When you combine the shield with the other hacks for coin master shared earlier, you’ll begin enjoying the game.

What is Coin Master Shield?

coin master shield

The shield is a protective covering that when activated protects your town from other coin masters. It shields your city from being attack, destroyed and raided by other greedy masters of Coin. Every time an attack is launched; the shield is automatically activated. Once activated, it diverts the strikes from damaging your town. However, the protective power of the shield gets weaken with every attack strike. It will get to a point that the shield becomes destroyed. At that stage, your town losses its protective covering from the shield. And as you have already guessed, any attack launched toward your town at that point becomes effective.

Wait! There is good news. Before the shield losses it protective power completely, you have opportunity of reinforcement. That is, you can add to the shield to prolong its protective power. That way your town continues to be protected and secured from external threats.

The Number of Available Shield

It is somewhat unfortunate that you cannot have unlimited number of shields. When starting out newly in Coin Master, players are only allowed three shields. Anymore shield generated after the maximum number is attained is automatically destroyed. Once destroyed, the equivalent spins value used in earning the shield gets automatically refund to you. That way, nothing is lost, and nothing is gained.

However, there is a chance to increase the maximum number of allowable shield. And that is only achievable when you have achieve higher title in the game. Currently, I have be considered eligible to have a maximum of four shield up for my town protection. Hopefully, the number will increase as I progress in the game.

The Disadvantages

Having the protective shield activated doesn’t mean your town is completely protected and secured. It is unfortunate then even when your shields are up and active, your town is still susceptible to external attacks and raids. Your resources can still be stolen your coins carted away even your shields are active. So, for once think that you and your town are completely safe from the prying eyes of other Coin Masters.