coin master best practicesSo, you have downloaded, installed and played coin master for the first time. First impression about coin master is in. in your opinion, Coin Master is a nice. You could play it more if only you had some tricks up your sleeve. Well, today is your lucky. From over five years of actively playing coin master, we have assembled some of the best practices that you can use. The best part is these best practices are dead easy and simple to use. In fact, you can get started with them instantly today without any delay. Does it sound like something you do love to explore further? If yes, then keep reading to discover some of our favorite Coin Master Best practices of all-time.

Utilize All Stock of Coins

Coming first on our list of coin master best practices is the ‘remain no coins’ rule. The logic behind the rule is simple and easy to understand. Remember that your city is always prone to external attack? Your shield can only protect your city from damages. And that protection is only but for a while. Once your shield has been weakened and destroyed due to constant repeated attacks, your town becomes vulnerable. However, even with the shield on, your treasures (which include coins) can still be discovered and stolen. We covered in our earlier post how you can get the best protection from coin master shields. We strongly recommend that your go view the coin master shield guide if you have not seen it already. It will really help your Coin Master journey.

So, the question remains; why preserve your coins when they can be completely stolen? It is against this background that we strongly recommend exhausting your stock of coins. It will be in your best interest not to wait till it’s time to exit the game before you hasten your effort towards exhausting your coins. Why? Because your coins can still get stolen while you are still actively playing the game. For us, we find it best to exhaust your coins stock as soon as they reach ‘spendable’ amount.

Most people regard this rule as one of the best coin master hack cheats of all time. And frankly, it is not that difficult to see their rationale backing their assertion.

Get Your Shield Up Quick

Although you don’t have direct control on your spin outcomes, having the intent to get shield helps. Coin Master Shields are important for several reasons. It is most important for it’s protective coverings over your town. The protective covering protects your town from attacks that originate from other Coin Masters. With that said, execute each spin with the intent of getting shields.

Start from Bottom-Up

It is a common practice for people to always start from top down when building their town. Put it in another way, they start from cheap to expensive. Don’t get us wrong! There is nothing wrong with starting from any direction when starting out on a barren community. However, we are only trying to hasten our journey thereby enhancing our efficiency. From playing Coin Master for years, we find that it becomes a lot easier when you approach your town project from the bottom up.

That is, you volunteer to start from the difficult to the easy part. And there is nothing as refreshing as the feeling of knowing that the difficult and complex tasks are out of the way. The expensive projects are done and dusted. With a relatively smaller stock of coins, you can effortlessly complete the remaining projects.


Before we go, we though it important to briefly recapitulate on the things you have learned. First, you learned that getting your coin master protective shield up as soon as possible is a good practice for the safety of your town. Secondly, you saw reasons why stocking up coins would constitute a bad practice. That’s because the coins would eventually get stolen from you. Finally, we made you see reasons why starting each coin master building projects from the bottom-up is better than the conventional top-down approach.

With all the tips and tricks gathered from this guide properly implemented, you will be amazed at how fast your journey will proceed. Your friends and competitors will be left in awe as to how fast you complete each level.

Finally, we do like to hear what your thoughts and opinions regarding our coin master best practices are. Are there some best practices that you know which we have not added to the list? If yes, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.