Coin Master Best Practices: Top 3 Picks

coin master best practicesSo, you have downloaded, installed and played coin master for the first time. First impression about coin master is in. in your opinion, Coin Master is a nice. You could play it more if only you had some tricks up your sleeve. Well, today is your lucky. From over five years of actively playing coin master, we have assembled some of the best practices that you can use. The best part is these best practices are dead easy and simple to use. In fact, you can get started with them instantly today without any delay. Does it sound like something you do love to explore further? If yes, then keep reading to discover some of our favorite Coin Master Best practices of all-time.

Utilize All Stock of Coins

Coming first on our list of coin master best practices is the ‘remain no coins’ rule. The logic behind the rule is simple and easy to understand. Remember that your city is always prone to external attack? Your shield can only protect your city from damages. And that protection is only but for a while. Once your shield has been weakened and destroyed due to constant repeated attacks, your town becomes vulnerable. However, even with the shield on, your treasures (which include coins) can still be discovered and stolen. We covered in our earlier post how you can get the best protection from coin master shields. We strongly recommend that your go view the coin master shield guide if you have not seen it already. It will really help your Coin Master journey.

So, the question remains; why preserve your coins when they can be completely stolen? It is against this background that we strongly recommend exhausting your stock of coins. It will be in your best interest not to wait till it’s time to exit the game before you hasten your effort towards exhausting your coins. Why? Because your coins can still get stolen while you are still actively playing the game. For us, we find it best to exhaust your coins stock as soon as they reach ‘spendable’ amount.

Most people regard this rule as one of the best coin master hack cheats of all time. And frankly, it is not that difficult to see their rationale backing their assertion.

Get Your Shield Up Quick

Although you don’t have direct control on your spin outcomes, having the intent to get shield helps. Coin Master Shields are important for several reasons. It is most important for it’s protective coverings over your town. The protective covering protects your town from attacks that originate from other Coin Masters. With that said, execute each spin with the intent of getting shields.

Start from Bottom-Up

It is a common practice for people to always start from top down when building their town. Put it in another way, they start from cheap to expensive. Don’t get us wrong! There is nothing wrong with starting from any direction when starting out on a barren community. However, we are only trying to hasten our journey thereby enhancing our efficiency. From playing Coin Master for years, we find that it becomes a lot easier when you approach your town project from the bottom up.

That is, you volunteer to start from the difficult to the easy part. And there is nothing as refreshing as the feeling of knowing that the difficult and complex tasks are out of the way. The expensive projects are done and dusted. With a relatively smaller stock of coins, you can effortlessly complete the remaining projects.


Before we go, we though it important to briefly recapitulate on the things you have learned. First, you learned that getting your coin master protective shield up as soon as possible is a good practice for the safety of your town. Secondly, you saw reasons why stocking up coins would constitute a bad practice. That’s because the coins would eventually get stolen from you. Finally, we made you see reasons why starting each coin master building projects from the bottom-up is better than the conventional top-down approach.

With all the tips and tricks gathered from this guide properly implemented, you will be amazed at how fast your journey will proceed. Your friends and competitors will be left in awe as to how fast you complete each level.

Finally, we do like to hear what your thoughts and opinions regarding our coin master best practices are. Are there some best practices that you know which we have not added to the list? If yes, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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Coin Master Shield: Protect Your Viking Cities

If you’re an active coin master game player, then you are familiar with its many challenges. Amongst Coin Master many challenges are your Viking city external attack challenge. Here, you are always constantly under possible attack threats by other coin masters. In fact, your city is prone to external attack every second that passes. That means that the attack can come from anywhere without your prior knowledge.

In a world of such danger uncertainties, how does one protect himself and ensures that his community is safe? Well, the answer to that question is then focal point of today’s article. With that said and out of the way, keep reading to discover ways you and your community can stay safe.

Coin Master Shield: Introduction

With the danger of external attacks from other Coin Master comes a possible solution. The solution is nothing complex or complicated. Surprisingly, the solution is ridiculously easy to implement. It is only unfortunate that most Coin Master players tend to ignore the solution.

The solution is all about activating the protective Shield!

That’s it guys. Simple and straight forward.

When you combine the shield with the other hacks for coin master shared earlier, you’ll begin enjoying the game.

What is Coin Master Shield?

coin master shield

The shield is a protective covering that when activated protects your town from other coin masters. It shields your city from being attack, destroyed and raided by other greedy masters of Coin. Every time an attack is launched; the shield is automatically activated. Once activated, it diverts the strikes from damaging your town. However, the protective power of the shield gets weaken with every attack strike. It will get to a point that the shield becomes destroyed. At that stage, your town losses its protective covering from the shield. And as you have already guessed, any attack launched toward your town at that point becomes effective.

Wait! There is good news. Before the shield losses it protective power completely, you have opportunity of reinforcement. That is, you can add to the shield to prolong its protective power. That way your town continues to be protected and secured from external threats.

The Number of Available Shield

It is somewhat unfortunate that you cannot have unlimited number of shields. When starting out newly in Coin Master, players are only allowed three shields. Anymore shield generated after the maximum number is attained is automatically destroyed. Once destroyed, the equivalent spins value used in earning the shield gets automatically refund to you. That way, nothing is lost, and nothing is gained.

However, there is a chance to increase the maximum number of allowable shield. And that is only achievable when you have achieve higher title in the game. Currently, I have be considered eligible to have a maximum of four shield up for my town protection. Hopefully, the number will increase as I progress in the game.

The Disadvantages

Having the protective shield activated doesn’t mean your town is completely protected and secured. It is unfortunate then even when your shields are up and active, your town is still susceptible to external attacks and raids. Your resources can still be stolen your coins carted away even your shields are active. So, for once think that you and your town are completely safe from the prying eyes of other Coin Masters.

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Hacks For Coin Master that Works

A good and working coin master hack cheats tool will get you ahead in the game faster. Faster than those not actively using the cheats and hacks for coin master. There are numerous things you can accomplish when you stumble on a good version of the tool. Luckily for you, you found our coin master guide today. To that end, spending ample time searching for a working version won’t be necessary. Why? Because we have simplified the entire process into just a ‘mouse’ click. So, if you are ready to get started, click on the button below right now.



About Coin Master

coin master hack cheats

The mere fact that you are reading this article hints that you are familiar with coin master. However, we still understand that there may be people that are totally clueless when it comes to Coin Master. To such folks, we have decided to create the ‘about coin master’ section. The goal of the ‘about coin master’ section is to briefly educate people about coins master. And hopefully, convince them to download, install and play the game.

Coin master is an android and iOS mobile game. In terms of category, the game is categorized into the ‘casual’ game category.

In the game, players are expected to join in spinning the wheel, build and develop their Viking cities. Additionally, they must also be active in attacking and raiding other coin master’s cities. In the course of the attack, they sometimes can loot away treasures, coins and other valuables. All these activities together combine to give Coin Master a nice gaming experience.

Coin Master Hack Cheats: Undue Advantage

As we hinted before, with some of the best hacks for coin master, you could be the next Coin Master. There are a lot of things that the cheats tool can effortlessly help you achieve. But on the tool’s benefits will come later. Right now, we are more interested on how you can get started. So, to get started, follow our three step procedures below.

Step Number I: Perform the Search

The starting point in the quest for free coins and spins is a simple Google search. The search should be focused on discovering the most recent release and updated tools. Carrying out the search is nothing complex or difficult. Simply use the good old Google in performing your search. And for the search queries, use the name of the game with a generator suffix. With that done and completed, you are now ready for step number 2.

Step Number II: Filter the Results

To make it successfully to this stage, you should have completed stage number I task. Just in case you have not, please go back and complete it. Then, you can come back to complete the task for stage II.

So, for those of you that did complete the task in stage one, let’s now tackle stage 2 task together. The task for the second stage is simple and straightforward. The task involves skimming through the returned search results for relevant results. By relevant results, we are referring to results that are relevant to the searched queries you used in stage one.

Now, look through the results. While you are at it, look out for results with the most recent updates. Results with the most recent updates tend to have compatible and working versions. Such versions because they have just been newly released are primed to solve bugs that confronted older versions.

Step Number III: Visit the Source Page

Finally, you have made it to the last stage of our three step procedures. In our opinion, the last step happens to be the easiest and simplest of all 3 steps involved.

The last step involves visiting the home pages of the relevant results you spotted in stage II. That’s just about how easy it gets. Just visit their respective websites. When you are on the different websites don’t forget to follow the instructions provided on the landing pages. Those instructions are super important if you really want to get the best from Coin Master game.

Features of Coin Master

This section introduces the major features that Coin Master is known for. Furthermore, the section goes into a detailed analysis of the identified features. By the end of the section, you will be familiar an also acquainted with what to expect from the Coin Master game.

If you are ready let’s get right into the different exciting features of Coin Master.

Building, Developing and Repairing Viking Cities

One of the major goals in Coin Master building new cities, developing existing ones and repairing dilapidated or damaged infrastructures.

Building Cities

As you journey through time, you come across barren land. It is on those land that players are expected to build new cities. Now, to build and successfully complete cities require some sort of resources. Coins come top on the list of requirements. No wonder the game itself is called ‘Coin Master’.

Developing Cities

Once a city is built, your task is not entirely completed. You are still expected to carry out some upgrades and further development upon exiting infrastructures. These developments can include; building upgrades, infrastructure enhancement etc. You can also get to feed your pets.

Repairing Destroyed Cities

Part of what makes Coin Master Interesting is the ability to attack and destroy other Coin Masters’ cities. And, to cart away with their treasures, coins and other valuables. Should you be unfortunate to have your city attacked and damage, you must repair the damaged sections. However, you can take advantage of coin master shields to protect your cities from external attacks.

Coins: More is Not Enough

In all the three tasks (building, developing and repairing) cities, you need coins (plenty) to complete each task. Coins are earned through a variety of ways or should I say medium? The methodology for earning coins is not in the scope of this guide. We will publish another guide that takes an in-depth analysis on how to earn coin master Coins. With that said and out of the way, we want to thank you for staying to the end of our Coin Master Hack Cheats Guide.

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